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Key Management

Support RFID

Supported by RFID technology, contactless, no wear and tear.

Emergency Operation Mode

In the case of power/network failure, all data stored locally supported with emergency battery.

Integrated Software

All access and information automatically documented in user definable system.

Integration Management Console

Web-based supports administration across multiple location.

Our Key Management Solution Partner

Do not risk your environment by Human Errors.

Mabruka Inovasi Indonesia Key Management System allows you to identify keys, the users and keeps you informed of key issuing and returning. Mabruka Inovasi Indonesia offers an intelligent solution for managing, tracking, auditing keys, assets, and valuables.

Afraid your key might lose ?

Dont worry, Key access and return are fully automated. Equipped with a visual LED aid, the system displays instant information as to which key is authorized to be taken and from which key slot location. A full audit trail is also registered immediately in the system on the keyTag.

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