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Static Bollards

Resistance Certificate

Crash test certified to stop a 7,500kg truck driven at up to 80km/h.

Easy to Implement

Uses hydraulic power for easy installation.

Easy on Maintenance

Components are accessible from above for inspection or replacement without removing the bollard from the ground.

Our Static Bollards Partner

Bollard: Static / Auto

The Automatic Bollard uses a simple but effective electro-hydraulic mechanism to ensure smooth and efficient movement of the bollard. Designed to be highly secure products in preventing unauthorized access, they are often used in conjunction with automated barriers. The bollard is fixed to the ground and leveled with the road surface. They are controlled by a small control panel that has integrated safety features.


Architectural bollards by Mabruka Innovation Indonesia solutions bring environmental and aesthetic enhancements to any site, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social nuisance and active alarm action. Built to last, Mabruka Innovation Indonesia supplies bollards with crash ratings including K4, K8 and K12.

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