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Image Enhancement

1-16 times enlargement continuity, Color B/W, Negative, High/Low penetration enhancement, brightening, darkening, gray level scan, super enhancement, etc

Explosive & Narcotics Detection

Suspicious organics highlight (atomic number zeff=7,8,9)

Threat image projection

Inserting fictional, but realistic images of threat items into baggage during screening operation.



Baggage scanner machines rely on X-rays to see through the surface of your luggage to achieve detailed images of the items inside it. Security officers can calculate how dense each object is, which gives them the information they need to spot contraband.

Our X-ray Solutions inspection system increases the operator’s ability to identify potential threats;

the device that we used are designed to scan the objects up to a size of 100 × 80cm. uses reliable high quality dual energy X-ray generator. With the superb image algorithm, could offer clear scanning image, which allows operators to identify potential threat items visually. Also, our X-ray Baggage Scanner solutions equipped with a lowered conveyor height to make it easier to put the luggage on. function for operators, improving the security of system and preventing operator from forgetting password.

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