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Metal Detector

Accurate Pinpointing

Provides uniform detection and precise pinpointing.

33 Zones

Identify multiple target locations precisely from head to toe on the left, center, and right sides of the body.

International Security Standards

Meets the world’s highest test certifications, including the following international airports: TSA, ECAC, STAC, AENA, CJIAC.

Our Metal Detector Partner

Simplify The Access While Staying Secure.

Events or places attracting large numbers of the public which requires security checks with Metal Detectors for everyone entering is becoming more common. The metal detector can check whether people are carrying weapons or any dangerous item. They can inspect parcels containing any metals inside as well.

Mabruka Inovasi Indonesia Metal Detector offers high performance in terms of detection capability and is particularly compact to allow them to be transported, installed, and at the end of the operation, to be removed easily. In cases where the security check location is out in the open, the detectors can operate in all weather conditions.

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